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goals for life in 2011

January 5, 2011

Last year was a big year for me. On New Years Eve Eve, I got the letter saying I’d passed my final Architectural Registration exam. I actually finished by biggest goal of 2010 – with about one day to spare.

That feeling of completing a goal gives you a great sense of accomplishment, and that’s why I enjoy New Years goals. Note, that’s goals, not resolutions. With a goal, you can actually accomplish what you set out to do, instead of having a loose idea of improving something. If you don’t know what your end result is, how do you know if you got there?

So, for 2011

Complete my internship and become an architect

Get back to a BMI of 22

Complete our bathroom renovation

Fully fund two Roth IRAs

Complete my 12 do it yourself projects I talked about yesterday

And, perhaps most enjoyably…

Consciously pay attention to at least one thing that makes me happy every week.

Do you have goals for 2011? Resolutions? Or do you avoid them?

Here’s to a good year.

(That’s the last time I’m referencing the new year. It’s officially 2011)


12 do-it-yourself goals for 2011

January 3, 2011

It’s the start of another new year, which quickly brought into focus how quickly the last year has flown by. Remember how when you were a little kid life seemed to move so slowly? Then something happened – we grew up and finished school, started working in the real world…and then seasons start flying by before you even blink. And then you see that little baby  who was shorter than your forearm last year…now he’s a toddler, starting to walk and talk.

It’s time to make sure I enjoy the little things this year. I was inspired by Crystal at MoneySavingMom, who has made 12 do it yourself goals for the year.

I’m doing the same…

January: Make my own mozzarella cheese

February: Artisan Bread in 5 minutes a day

March: Espalier a tree

April: Make a rain barrel

May: Make a mushroom log

June: Make homemade hummus

July: Make wine bottle oil  lamps

August: Make home made soap

September: Make summer chutney

October: Make a grapevine wreath

November: Make homemade chai

December: Make homemade marshmallows

I can’t wait. I hope you enjoy it as well.